Photoblog - Haddonfield, NJ - September 5, 2004

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52 Novels in 2004

My resolution for 2004 is to read a novel a week. I have since seen bloggers vowing to listen to 52 CDs, rent 52 movies, and many reading 52 books, but I think I'm the only one sticking to novels only. Below is what I have read so far, all of which were taken out of the Philadelphia Free Library (for books 43-52 click on link for my "review" - I only wrote about the books that I read after I started blogging).

Update (12.01.04): I finished my goal at the end of October and really haven't had the desire to read come back yet. Since some other blogs have linked to my list (who knew?) I have cleaned it up a bit. After I was all done the 52 I did a post about my favorites of the year.

52. Personality, Andrew O’Hagan [click link for my "review"]

51. The Wife, Meg Wolitzer [click link for my "review"]

50. Twelve, Nick Mc Donell [click link for my "review"]

49. The Accidental Tourist, Anne Tyler [click link for my "review"]

48. Mystic River, Dennis Lehane [click link for my "review"]

47. Gentlemen of Space, Ira Sher [click link for my "review"]

46. Liars and Saints, Maile Meloy [click link for my "review"]

45. Caramelo, Sandra Cisneros [click link for my "review"]

44. Blessings, Anna Quindlen [click link for my "review"]

43. The Hazards of Good Breeding, Jessica Shattuck [click link for my "review"]

42. Wavemaker II, Mary-Beth Hughes

41. Layover, Lisa Zeidner

40. Tishomingo Blues, Elmore Leonard

39. What Was She Thinking? Notes On A Scandal, Zoe Heller

38. The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen

37. Wonder When You'll Miss Me, Amanda Davis

36. The King Is Dead, Jim Lewis

35. The Adventures Of Miles And Isabel, Tom Gilling

34. The Real McCoy, Darin Strauss

33. The Monk Downstairs, Tim Farrington

32. No Way To Treat A First Lady, Christopher Buckley

31. Atonement, Ian McEwan

30. The Keepers Of Truth, Michael Collins

29. Love Me, Garrison Keillor

28. The Dive From Clausen's Pier, Ann Packer

27. Good Faith,Jane Smiley

26. Fair Warning, Robert Olen Butler

25. Tepper Isn't Going Out, Calvin Trillin

24. The Hills At Home, Nancy Clark

23. The Known World, Edward P. Jones

22. The Quality of Life Report, Meghan Daum

21. Saul and Patsy, Charles Baxter

20. All Over Creation, Ruth Ozeki

19. Breathing Lessons, Anne Tyler

18. Jennifer Government, Max Barry

17. A Hole in the Heart, Christopher Marquis

16. Creation, Katherine Govier

15. Lost in a Good Book, Jasper Fforde

14. The Veracruz Blues, Mark Winegardner

13. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon

12. Best Friends, Thomas Berger

11. Straight Man , Richard Russo

10. Motherless Brooklyn, Jonathan Lethem

09. White Teeth, Zadie Smith

08. Big If, Mark Costello

07. John Henry Days, Colson Whitehead

06. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Anne Tyler

05. The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint, Brady Utall

04. The Risk Pool, Richard Russo

03. Three Junes, Julia Glass

02. Bel Canto, Ann Patchett

01. Crooked River Burning, Mark Winegardner