His name is MacGyver...

I love DIY/Food Network/HGTV Sweepstakes. Every day I'm on at least one of those sites filling out an entry. The best part (since there's no chance of me winning) is dreaming of how I would spend the money once I sold that $1.1 Million Dream Home or driving around in that restored '62 Corvette. But I haven't had one single daydream about DIY Network's "Do it with Duct Tape" Sweepstakes. Grand Prize - $5000 in Duct Tape products. And still I signed up every day and made sure the contest was over before posting this (lest you sign up and become competition to my entry).


At 8:18 AM, Blogger Dee said...

YO! Do you not have anything better to do?!?!?!


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