Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 2

fantasy players wear teeny tiny helmets

Week 2:
Deep Threat 93, Three and Out 66

If current trends keep up, I’ll have to change the title of these Fantasy Football updates. (The title is a play on Marshall Crenshaw’s Fantastic Planet of Love). There's nothing fantastic about Three and Out starting out 0-2.

Last weekend I got creamed again, this time almost single-handily by Roy Williams. I will continue to get punished until Brian Westbrook crosses into the end zone. It probably didn’t help that I put in Washington’s D and benched Baltimore's.

This week the only changes I’ll make are going back to Baltimore’s D and putting Randy McMichael in at TE for the bye week resting Daniel Graham. I’ll have to stick with the questionable Warwick Dunn since my only other RB, the rarely used Willis McGahee, is also in a bye week.

Next weekend’s competition, the 1-1 Woolwich Eagles, has some roster holes to fill this week. As of today they still have the definitely out Kellen Winslow and questionable Edgerrin James in their lineup. Shhhhh, nobody tell them.


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