The Only Christmas Hint That Matters

nembutol numbs it all, but I prefer alcohol it's just a dream he keeps having, and it doesn't seem to mean anything

My wife says she already has an idea of what she's getting me for Christmas, but that doesn't mean you do! Only 93 more shopping days left.

Yesterday the greatest album ever, from the Only Band that Matters was reissued. The Clash's London Calling [Legacy Edition] includes the original album plus the previously unreleased "Vanilla Tapes," tapes made while the band was rehearsing the material that would become London Calling. Also included is a DVD documentary on the making of the album.

Also on my music wish list is The Wilco Book. Mostly a photo book but it also includes a 40-minute CD of unreleased material. That's scheduled to come out in November.

Wilco is perhaps the Only Band that Still Matters. Especially after hearing R.E.M.'s newest CD today. After two listens to Around the Sun I cannot get excited about this album. Which is ironic, since I'm sure the band put it out on the web two weeks before its release date to get people excited. I remember when a new R.E.M. album was an event, I would go out on my lunch break to get it that day. I don't think that has happened since Monster ten years ago. I'll give the new one a couple more listens before deciding, but so far it sound like more of the same.


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