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"People like to put the television down, But we are just good friends" - Talking Heads "Television Man"

I hate to have two television-related posts in a row, lest you think that all I do is watch TV, but last night was the season debut of ESPN's Dream Job and now tonight is the season debut of the best football show on television, HBO's Inside the NFL. I usually tune out most of what the hosts are saying (and I check out HBO2 any time Wanda Sykes comes on); the NFL Films highlights are what I'm waiting for. I'm no longer a big fan of Harry Kalas during Phillies broadcast, but he is perfect on the highlight reels (and I couldn't imagine Chris Wheeler replacing John Facenda in the role). Plus, Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King, is the show's managing editor and is on it every week (you may have noticed I like this guy).

As for Dream Job, Rowan grad Brian Startare barely made it out of week one. The call-in vote wanted him out, but the judges saw enough potential in him to keep him on for now.

Since I was busy coaching my son's soccer practice I missed the first half of the show, but I did get to see Brian Startare and Valerie Hawrylko's "My SportsCenter" segments and they were both awful. From what I've read, Valerie did well in the sports debate segment and Brian didn't. The four other contestants that went this week looked good when they replayed their highlights, but eventual loser Joe Voyticky must have been really bad to be judged worse than the two contestants I saw.

From what I saw, judge Stephen A. Smith was surprisingly understated and Woody Paige was just as bad as I expected. He hated Brian's segment, but didn't give a single reason why. Usually the judges give the contestants constructive criticism so they can improve as the show goes on. Woody wouldn't do that. He was so brutal that follow judge Kit Hoover gave him a nasty look the whole time he spoke.

The novelty of the show hasn't worn off in the second season (okay, maybe telling the losers, "Coach wants to see you in the locker room; bring your playbook" has gotten more annoying). I'll keep watching, and maybe even remember to tape it so I don't miss half of it next week.


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