rowan hall at night

Week 3:

Rowan got back to Division III competition and back over .500 today. The Profs beat the Western Connecticut Colonials in a blowout, outscoring WestConn 43-7 to better their record to 2-1.

The Profs have off next Saturday. On Friday night, October 1, they play their first conference game of the season, against the College of New Jersey Lions in Ewing. According to TCNJ's online student newspaper, as part of their Sesquicentennial Celebration the college changed the name of its mascot from Linus to Roscoe. No mention of whether or not the mascot has been told to stop acting timid but brainy and start chasing 'em Duke boys. Khee, khee, khee.

The college formerly known as Trenton State College raised a ruckus a few years ago by renaming itself The College of New Jersey. Seems Princeton University once went by that name but only for about, oh, 150 years. Anyway, what bugs me the most is that TCNJ actually uses the T of "the" in its initials. Why not just CNJ? If you're going to include the, why not of - TCONJ?

My high school alma mater, Holy Cross High, keeps on keeping on, trouncing cross-town rivals Delran 34-6 Friday night. Ouch. I was amazed to discover that Delran now has about the same number of students as Holy Cross. Back in the old days (twenty years ago) Holy Cross enrollment was about twice to size of Delran's. While a recent housing boom has boosted Delran's numbers, Holy Cross has been in a freefall lately. With this year's incoming freshman class they hope to start a rebound.


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