Brilliant Disguise

photo from d3football.com

Week 4:

Wearing their new "almost all yellow" uniforms, Rowan beat the College of New Jersey Lions 35-20 Friday night. After trailing 20-14 at the half, the Profs came back in the second half and scored 21 unanswered points to better their record to 3-1. The win gave Rowan a perfect 2-0 record in their division.

According to d3football.com, TCNJ also wore new uniforms, featuring "Princeton-like style stripes to their blue jersey in celebration of the college’s sesquicentennial." So let me get this straight, first TCNJ steals Princeton's old name, then they steal their look? As I see it, they deserved to lose just for that.

Next Saturday (October 9) at 1:30 the Profs play at Division II Virginia State. This is the second of the two Division II games that Rowan will play this year. Let's hope this one comes out better than last time. The Trojans (huh...huh...huh...trojans) enter the game 4-2. Virginia State is a "historically black" school with a large Agricultural program. The school recommends that those Agriculture majors with a concentration in Aquatic Science wait until their senior year to take "Fish Pond Management." Yeah, wouldn't want to rush into that one.

Meanwhile, my high school alma mater, Holy Cross High, once again was victorious, this time steamrolling Haddon Township's Paul VI 49-20 Saturday. The Lancers are now 4-0 and have outscored their opponents 167-61.


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