A Curt Blow-off

I thought he *wasn't* appearing with bush.

Curt Schilling's political career seems to have ended before it even started. On Wednesday's Good Morning America Schilling praised Dubba, told everybody to vote for Dubba, and later said he would welcome campaigning for Dubba. This all from a guy who, according to John Kruk, "wants to walk down the streets of Boston and be praised by every single human being that's ever lived in Boston."

Schilling has apparently now decided that, World Series win or not, campaigning against the hometown candidate might not be the best way to achieve that goal. A day after visiting Mickey Mouse, Schilling blew-off the Leader of the Free World.
"I am now not medically cleared to do anything until I see Doc on Sunday, so I cannot travel with President Bush."
Perhaps realizing that he was contradicting his "play through the pain" legacy, and that he would look silly meeting with Mickey and not Goofy George, Schilling later came clean:
"Speaking as I did the other day was wrong. While I hope to see him re-elected, it's not my place, nor the time for me to offer up my political opinions unsolicited. I am proud we have the right to vote, and the message I wanted to send but didn't, was that regardless of who you are voting for the bottom line is that you MUST vote."
Oh, so that's what you meant when you told GMA, "Vote Bush next week."

Update: I'm trying to find out if Schilling was still at DisneyWorld when he said "until I see Doc." I hope he knows that Disney's Doc isn't really a doctor.


At 4:39 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Doesn't he often offer up his unsolicited opinion (whether we want to hear it or not. whether it makes sense or not.) ? I have lost respect for him! I'm sure that he knows as much about politics as Jessica Simpson! Idiot.....

At 5:34 PM, Blogger Mark said...

That's a little harsh. I'm willing to forgive him if he wants to pitch for the Phils.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Wow. You two are unbelievable! It's okay for Bruce Springsteen and REM to stump for Kerry, but when someone dares to stump for the President, he's an idiot? Hypocrites.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Mark said...

I didn't call him an idiot, and I don't have a problem with him being for Bush (I'm not happy about it, but he WOULD lose his tax cut under Kerry, so I can understand it). I just thought it was funny that he tried using his foot injury as an excuse to backtrack when he pitched two games and went to Disney World with the same injury.

The missus, on the onther hand, has never really cared for any of Curt's opinions.

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Dee said...

The problem that I have is that Curt never said what his problem with Kerry was or why Bush was so "cool". It came out of left field (no baseball intended). A lot of what he says is that way and inflammatory as well. Almost like he is trying to pick a fight.

Springsteen and REM have always made it known that they were liberal in their views. REM got me to recycle more in college. I admire them because they are for the little guy when it would probably serve their own best interests to support Bush.

Come to think of it, I never really heard why YOU support Bush. All I remember is that you don't like Teresa Kerry. I'm not trying to incite a riot with you but just trying to explain my side. Maybe you could do the same favor.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Foreign Policy: I love Bush's foreign policy. Whatever you think of the war in Iraq, its citizens (like those in Afghanistan) are about to have free elections for the first time ever. We are still uncovering mass graves left behind by Huseein. After 9/11, Bush sent troops into Afghanistan immediately. Kerry wants a "world test." Please.

Abortion: Bush is against partial-birth abortions. That's where the infant is taken from the womb feet first up to the head, then killed. As a father, that disgusts me. Kerry voted for this procedure every time it hit the Senate floor.

Death Penalty: Bush is fot it. So am I. Argue all you want about its deterrence factor, but it's better than the taxpayers funding their food, education, and such for life. In ten years as a Philly cop, I have seen a few people whose actions warranted this punishment - like the guy LAST NIGHT who shot a man in the NE because he thought he was a cop. Anyone who thinks they are killing a cop (and make that attempt) are a greater danger to the public. Kerry only wants this option for terrorists - as if some of these scumbags here at home aren't considered as such.

Armed Forces: The reason that 75% are going to vote to re-elect (according to the latest Zogby poll) is because they trust his judgement and feel he will be a better CIC. I respect their opinion. Bush never claimed soldiers were "war criminals" as Kerry did in 1971. Kerry is an admitted war criminal. Why not vote for Caeucescu? Also, Kerry voted AGAINST body armor for the troops last Spring.

Stem Cell Research: Bush is against GOVERNMENT FUNDING for the project. The research is actually going on right now, and the first President to allow such procedures is G.W. (Look it up.) Kerry wants to expand the research, and have US pay for it.

Taxes: Kerry will raise them. Count on it. The Bush tax cuts were welcome in my household. Claim a wrecked economy if you want, but we (you and I) seem to be doing okay. Houses in nice areas, computer access, and good jobs. You and I aren't exactly hurting under the current administration. Whine about "tax cuts for the rich," but why should businesses be penalized for their success? The rich pay the most taxes as a rule, so naturally, they will get more froma tax cut. If I work my arse off all my life, why should I be slammed with higher taxes? Not fair.

I realize that the next couple of comments will be arguments against every one of my points, and that's fine. I am not going to fight with you - I just wanted to answer your question. On top of all this, I have seen firsthand what the Democrats have done to my city and my state. For the record, I voted for Clinton (you know, that guy who perjured himself under oath)in '92, and would have considered Dean this year - if he didn't yell in Iowa he would have been the contender. Kerry won that by default. Whomever wins on Tuesday, I will be happy: I am rooting for Bush, but if Kerry gets in, that means Hillary will be out of contention in '08. Sweet!

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Dee said...

You know.... I was actually rooting for Dean too. I liked him because at the time he was the only Dem. candidate to say out loud that the war was wrong. Go figure!

I find it interesting that Bush LIED about why we went into Iraq in the first place. You mentioned Clinton earlier. The GOP tried to impeach him for fooling around in the White House and lying about it. That is easier to swallow (no pun intended) than lying about getting us into a war. The reasons keep changing and why we are in Iraq has NOTHING to do with 9-11. Several reports have said the same thing. Still, Bush wouldn't change a thing. Seriously.....

I don't get how people think that we are safer with guy because he is the same guy that hasn't found "OBL". Maybe he has and is just hiding him and if that is the case then Bush is even more of a weasel for letting everyone continue to be afraid. I was with Bush when he went to Afganistan though. I didn't like it but I could respect it.

That "No Child Left Behind" deal of Bush's is a joke. He has already cut the funding on his own program. All this means is that teachers are just teaching to some ridiculous standardized test. I still don't have enough books and materials to teach in Camden. Not Haddonfield, mind you. I don't think that is a coincidence. My feeling is that this is just an easy way to give out school vouchers.

I won't go into the Death Penalty argument with you. Being a police officer in Philly is a scary prospect and I'm sure that you want as much protection as possible. Having the mayor that you do wouldn't help. I can't stick up for all Dems. This guy just gives them a bad name!

Gay Marriage: Why does there have to be an ammendment? It's not like we "heteros" have it going on. I have a classroom FULL of kids who come from "broken homes". Are you telling me that they are more suitable parents than someone who is in a stable, homosexual relationship for years? If you love somebody and have been with them for a bunch of years, why shouldn't you marry them? Bush's religious views have no place in government!

The fact of the matter is that I wasn't crazy about Kerry at first but I think that he will do a better job than Bush. If a new guy was to get in there then maybe we wouldn't be hated so much around the world. There are too many people coming out and pointing out mistakes that were made in this administration. I doubt that they are ALL lying! Bush acknowledges NO mistakes. That is troubling.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Don't you two have your own blogs?


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