Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 3

fantasy players wear teeny tiny helmets

Week 3:
Three and Out 45, Woolwich Eagles 32

Things are starting to look more fantastic in Fantasy Football land as Three and Out finally won their first game of the season to move to 1-2. The Woolwich Eagles got big zeroes from Kellen Winslow and Rich Gannon and one measly point from Keyshawn Johnson. Serves them right for drafting him!

I didn't exactly light up the field, but T.O. and Baltimore's D came through for me. Underachiever Michael Vick will be sitting the bench this weekend; I'm going with Jake the Snake. Brian Westbrook still hasn't found the end zone, but I don't have much choice but to stick with him. He's got to score sometime.

Other than the Plummer for Vick change, I also brought Daniel Graham back off the bench after his bye week. I dropped the not so peerless Peerless Price and picked up Brandon Stokley at WR and cut both of my kickers, John Kasay and John Hall. I picked up the ageless Morten Andersen and John Carney, who's getting plenty of chances for the Saints. With Andersen on a bye, Carney will play this week.

My next opponent's 0-3 record is deceiving, since the ironically named Lucky Bastards have more points than me but have unluckily had to play tougher opponents.


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