Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 5

fantasy players wear teeny tiny helmets

Week 5:
Slackers 68, Three And Out 55

As expected, my Fantasy Football team didn't stand a chance last weekend. Three and Out was no match for the Slackers Tom Brady and Randy Moss, and fell to 2-3.

No trades for Three and Out this week, just some roster moves. Brian Westbrook and Terrell Owens come off their bye week and replace Lee Suggs and Darius Watts. Thanks for filling in guys; you did absolutely nothing to help me last week. I'll stick with Plummer over Vick another week, or until Vick starts putting up some fantasy points. And my two kickers, John Carney and Morten Andersen, face each other this week; I'm sticking with Mort. Baltimore is on a bye so I have to bench their D for Washington's this week (that's gonna hurt).

Things aren't going to get any easier for this weekend. The Sharks have Daunte Culpepper, Clinton Portis, and Jason Elam. I'm trying to feel optimistic but there's a reason why I named my team Three and Out.


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