Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 6

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Week 6:
Sharks 89, Three And Out 59

Just when I thought my Fantasy Football team couldn't get any worse, the Sharks whipped them, 89-59. Thirty points is the largest margin of defeat for Three and Out this season, but there are still plenty more weekends for us to top it. The Shark's Daunte Culpepper was responsible for those thirty points and then some. The loss drops Three and Out to 2-4.

It's desperation time for Three and Out. Now that my Defense and kicker have been through their bye weeks, I dropped their backups and scanned the waiver wire. I would have liked to pick up a WR so I could replace either Isaac Bruce or Brandon Stokley, both of whom haven't done much for weeks. The WR on my bench, Darius Watts, has been doing even worse. But the only available WRs are all either physically questionable or named Keyshawn, and I won't pick him up. I'm not that desperate (not yet anyway).

I ended up picking up a third QB, Ben Roethlisberger, which will allow me to drop Michael Vick or Jake Plummer if a solid WR becomes available. I also got a second TE, Jermaine Wiggins, who has performed well lately. I'm happy with my current TE, Daniel Graham, but I grabbed Wiggins for insurance and/or trade bait.

I put Stokley back in after his bye week and benched Watts. I also decided to go with Vick over the Snake since Plummer is playing a better D this week. Other than that all I can do is cross my fingers and pray. This weekend's opponent, the Speed Merchants, are 5-1 and on a three game streak. Plus I work with their GM and it would be hell to lose to him.


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Where is today's Friday Photo?

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