Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 7

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Week 7:
Three And Out 68, Speed Merchants 58

With the help of a killer game from the Baltimore defense, my Fantasy Football team eked out a win over the Speed Merchants, 68-58. The Speed Merchants had perhaps the best fantasy performance of the week in Priest Holmes, but suffered with Torry Holt and Curtis Martin having sub-par games. The win brings Three and Out up to 3-4 with seven fantasy weekends to go.

Not many player moves for Three and Out this upcoming weekend. Darius Watts comes in for underachieving Isaac Bruce, who's on a bye. Brian Westbrook is out with a rib injury and will be replaced by Willis McGahee, who has been telling the Buffalo press that he will start the game. We'll see. Even though I picked up "Big Ben" Roethlisberger last weekend, he faces New England this weekend so I'll keep him on the bench. My two other QBs, Michael Vick and Jake Plummer, play each other. Both got embarrassed last weekend but I'm going with Plummer. Vick still doesn't get Atlanta's new scheme. Jermaine Wiggins stays in over Daniel Graham at TE. Wiggins has been getting the ball more and the Vikings are playing the weaker defense (NYG).

My opponent this week is the cellar-dwelling 4th and Inches. They might get some points with Chad Pennington playing against Miami, but I don't expect their Kansas City(!) Defense to do much. I'm looking to get back to .500 again.


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