Give the People What They Want

is this a great shot, or what?

Before I get into my next round of playoff predictions, let's see how I did in the first round:

Twins vs. Yankees: Predicted Twins in 4 - Wrong! Yankees in 4
Angels vs. Red Sox: Predicted Red Sox in 4 - Right! Red Sox in 3
Cardinals vs. Dodgers: Predicted Cards in 3 - Right! Cards in 3
Braves vs. Astros: Predicted Astros in 5 - Right! Astros in 5

Three out of four ain't bad, and I nailed two of them perfectly.

Now on to the league championships:

Red Sox vs. Yankees: This is the matchup that everyone wanted to see, the "Real World Series" as the announcers would say. But if these guys spend a week beating each other up, figuratively and literally (see above picture), neither of them are going to get past the Cardinals in the Real Real World Series. As much as I hate the Yankees, I'd like to think that I am picking the Red Sox because they are the better team. But I didn't think the Yankees would get past the Twins and they did. Still, I think Boston has better pitching and hitting. About the only thing New York has going for it is coaching. Schilling vs. Moose could be a good matchup, but Pedro vs. Jon Leiber? And Kevin Brown can't pitch like he did against the Twins, can he?

Want to Win: Red Sox
Will Win: Red Sox in 6.

Cardinals vs. Astros: The Cardinals look unstoppable. The Astros are happy just to be here. That's all you need to know. I think God Himself could come down and pitch for the Astros and they still wouldn't stand a chance. And Roger Clemens is the furthest you can get from God.

Want to Win: Cardinals
Will Win: Cardinals in 5.


At 7:39 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

You may want to "flip-flop" (sorry, couldn't resist) on that Sox prediction. After shelling Schilling and opening a can of win-arse against Pedro, the Yankees are on cruise control. And I'm lovin' it!

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Hey, I was for the Yankees before I was against them. It was 1977, but I was for them. Pedro didn't pitch too bad, but the Sox must have been using the Phillies' bats last night. And if Schilling is lost for the post-season, Boston's done. Everybody loves when a star "plays through the pain" but sometimes it's just stupid. If Tito would have pulled Schill early Tuesday maybe he would have had a chance to heal up for another start.


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