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My kids showing off their newest t-shirts. We got them here.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, I remember a flashback episode of Family Ties when a very young Alex P. Keaton was wearing a "I wouldn't vote for Nixon if I were you shirt"....

Paybacks and all that

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Man, do you really have to do that to your KIDS??? I am voting for Bush (and would vote for him more than once, but that's strictly a Democrat thing) if for no other reason than Kerry's shrew wife is a huge Mumia Abu Jamal supporter. You all know Mumia - he's the one who shot Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner point blank in the face. As a police officer myself, her support of this cop killer is disgusting. I hope Kerry and his wife lose, so we never have to see their smug faces again. And you all can pump up the Hill-dabeast's 2008 campaign.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Dee said...

The fact that Kerry's WIFE is supports this guy is not the only reason to vote for/against Kerry. For more years of Bush is just very scary!! I only hope that my kids don't put up with Bush's mistakes.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Mark said...

1. I didn’t "do this" to my kids. My 7 year old (“I wouldn’t vote for Bush if I were you”) is probably the biggest Anti-Bush guy in our house. I’m sure that some of this is from overhearing the missus and I talk about Bush (though we are careful not to trash him in front of the kids), but my son sees the headlines and he asks questions. I hope that some of his views come from us teaching him liberal (as in generous and open-minded) values. My 2 year old’s shirt (“Mommy wants a new president”) doesn’t proclaim his opinion; it’s just a true statement.

2. I have nothing but respect for the police, especially urban police. My grandfather was a Philly cop. But I can’t understand how urban cops can support Republicans. These guys have completely abandoned the cities. The Republicans in Harrisburg have no problem with towns exercising Home Rule, unless it’s Philly. The Republican congressmen in Washington want to gut that city's gun control laws. Why? To boost deer hunting in D.C.? Washington is the murder capital of the nation, these guys live there, and they’re still more concerned with appeasing the NRA.

3. Teresa Heinz doesn’t “support” Mumia; she supports his right to a fair trial. Really though, she’s just against the death penalty. Do I think Mumia got a fair trial? Mmm… close enough. I understand that trials are messy and it’s hard to get everything right. But when you put the death penalty as the outcome, you open yourself to closer scrutiny. Take the death penalty out of his story and Hollywood and others wouldn’t even know whom Mumia is. Pacifica Radio wouldn’t have given him a forum, Susan Serandon wouldn’t know how to pronounce his name, and the only place you would still see Ed Asner was on TV Land reruns. Which leads to …

4. The death penalty creates martyrs. The threat of death will never stop a drugged-out taxi driver from killing a cop. But it can turn him into a figurehead to those feeling disenfranchised.

5. It’s amazing that Kerry has the guts to run as an Anti-Death Penalty candidate. Death penalty opponents have been demonized as “soft on crime” when capital punishment is nothing but vindictive, costly, racist, and does nothing to prevent crime that life in jail wouldn’t do.

6. The death penalty supporters will never get me to see their side as long as they insist on applying it to children (and yes, seventeen year olds are children) and the mentally handicapped.

7. I will not be voting for Kerry on just one issue. I’m sure I could pick several things that he is for that I don’t support, but I have to look at the big picture. And over all I think Kerry would be better for America. Plus, I can’t wait to get rid of Bush’s smug face.

8. I don’t see Teresa Heinz dictating Kerry’s agenda. She’s not going to be a lapdog like Laura Bush, but she’s not Hillary.

9. Shawn, I really dig “Middie Back!” (I wish I had thought of your “People I Hate” idea first) and we both love “Flippy Girl” (although I’ve known Becky since she was in grade school). So I hope that you know that I respect your opinion (sometimes I’m mad at myself for agreeing with you so much), I just wanted to give you my side.

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Not at all. I respect every opinion (I have to, since almost every reader of MB is a Dem), even those of DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, who "smugly" trashed Cheney after the Veep debate. Appearing on Fox News, Greta Van Sustern said something to the effect of "you have to give him credit for something tonight, right?" McAuliffe said no, then said, "Well, he showed up." McAuliffe is a complete jackass, especially when the GOP talking head said Edwards did a very good job keeping up with the more experienced Cheney minutes before. It's that kind of thinking that crosses party lines, and it infuriates me that smugness is seen only as a Republican trait.

As for Mumia, the Heinz Foundation has given money to many groups (I could look up how much if you need it) which are fighting for Mumia and his right to a third "fair" trial. That bothers me. No, she's not a Hillary (but she acts like her - read: bitch), but I truly think she has Kerry's ear, and that scares me. I just want him to go away. Ted Bundy never received martyr status, and if Mumia does in the hearts of Hollywood, who cares? I don't give a wit what they think.

Finally, gun control is about as winnable as the war on drugs, or the war on terror. (Bush was right, NO ONE will win that war, unless we kill every radical member of every religion on the globe!) The expiration of the assault weapons ban had people up in arms - especially the ones who had no idea what that meant. Almost anyone could get an assault rifle during the ban - legally. As long as it was made before the ban went into effect, and was not made in certain countries, such as Russia and China. Killing people is as old as the planet, and will continue to be so, no matter what weapon is used. Unless we ban EVERY weapon (which won't happen) guns will always be prevalent in society.

Hey, I see it as job security!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

BTW, if you have known Becky for a long time, can you ask her if she'll marry me? :)

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Isn't there already a Mrs. Middie Back?

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

SHUT UP!!! You'll ruin my chances! :)


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