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Week 5:

You've got to give Rowan credit for scheduling not one but two games against Division II teams this season. It took a lot of guts. Not a lot of brains, but a lot of guts. If this was some kind of audition for moving up to DII, they didn't get the part. Last Saturday the Profs loss to Virginia State, 27-7. Earlier this season they lost their other DII game against Southern Connecticut State 51-27. This makes them 3-2 overall this season, but they still remain undefeated the DIII NJAC division.

Next week the Profs finally get to play on their new state-of-the-art turf. Their only home game so far this season was played at Glassboro High while the Rowan field was being prepared. It's Homecoming this weekend, and Rowan faces SUNY Cortland. Cortland, NY is the hometown of heavy metal guitar god Ronnie James Dio. (Go ahead and click on that Dio link, people are trying to get him elected.) The Red Devils are right on the Profs butt in the NJAC standings, so it should be a good game. The Accidental Blogist may actually be in attendance.

Meanwhile, my high school alma mater, Holy Cross High, won yet again, this time squeaking out a 13-9 win over Bishop Eustace (or as we use to call them Bishop Useless, ha ha ha. Oh, that Catholic Prep humor. Holy Cross was referred to as Holy Crotch, which is just immature and not the least bit funny). The Lancers are now 5-0.


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never liked the word "crotch", holy or otherwise. So stuck with the other Lancer nickname, Helly Loss. Sounds stupid now, but when your a 14 year old fresh out of St. Petes, its hysterical.

My favorite school renaming is for Fairleigh Dickenson...Fairly Ridiculous.



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