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Week 6:

In the battle for supremacy in the NJAC Conference (which I just found out this weekend is called "en-jack" by those in the know) Rowan squeaked by SUNY Cortland, 34-33. By beating the Red Dragons, Rowan moved to 3-0 in the conference, 4-2 overall. It was the Prof's Homecoming and their first game played on their new "Tackle Turf." I wasn't at the game but on the WGLS radio broadcast they kept commenting on the rain pooling on the field. I thought one of the things that made artificial turf so state-of-the-art these days was quick drainage. Rowan paid a lot for this stuff, so I hope for their sake the problem is cleared up soon.

Next week the Profs face another conference foe, the Kean Cougars up in Union, NJ. Union is holding a Un-mischief Night on October 30 for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. There will be free refreshments, prizes, and "much more." Kids who plan to attend are reminded that as they leave the gym they will be egged and t-p'ed by the cooler sixth, seventh and eight graders. Kean University has not had a winning record since 1994, when they were still Kean College, and are currently 2-5.

My high school alma mater, Holy Cross High, didn't fare as well as my Profs last weekend. On Friday night the Lancers were beaten 10-3 in a rain-drenched game at Camden Catholic. The Holy Cross loss gave the Irish the Burlco/Olympic National Division title. Going into the game the Inquirer ranked Holy Cross fifth and Camden Catholic sixth in its South Jersey poll. Something tells me they'll be ranked differently this week. Next Saturday the Lancers play their Homecoming game against the Timber Creek Chargers.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger Tom Goodman said...

Mark: I looked on your blog for a contact point and didn't find one so I assume you will find this comment in your travels.

I nodded in agreement regarding your comment about Jeff Kent on Shallow Center. He does appear to be genuinely mean-spirited. I do want to see the Astros win despite his presence, however. Bagwell and Biggio in particular are very deserving.

Tom Goodman
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