Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 10

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Week 10:
Three And Out 73, Woolwich Eagles 67

Thank God for Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook. Going into the Monday night game my Fantasy Football team was down by 30 points, partly due to a 10-point mistake by me. I forgot to bench Daniel Graham for Jermaine Wiggins. But T.O. and Westbrook came through with 35 points combined and gave me a 73-67 win over the sad but trying Woolwich Eagles. The win puts me at 5-5 and moves me up to fourth place (a playoff spot) with only four fantasy weekends to go.

This weekend Jake Plummer goes back in against the porous Saints defense and Ben Roethlisberger takes the bench. Big Ben's a great QB, but he doesn't rack up many fantasy points. Last weekend he gave me 1 whole point. To paraphrase Buddy Ryan, he just wins games. Hopefully I got some much needed WR help by picking Drew Bennett off of waivers and dropping bench-warmer Darius Watts. I'll play Bennett this week and let Isaac Bruce ride the pine. And I made sure that I made the Wiggins for Graham move, but I'm going to double check right now just to be sure... Yup, I did.

My opponent this weekend is the lackluster Lucky Bastards, who are 3-6-1 and have made so few moves that they should be checked for a pulse.


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