Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 11

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Week 11:
The Lucky Bastards 88, Three And Out 77

Strong outings by Brian Westbrook and Jake Plummer could not rescue my Fantasy Football team from a lackluster fantasy weekend by Terrell Owens and zero points from Brandon Stokley as Three and Out fell to the Lucky Bastards, 88-77.

We go into this weekend already up 20-0 against the Slackers thanks to a strong Thanksgiving game by Stokley. I will take this as a sign from above and not touch my roster this weekend. Here's what my roster looks like going into Week 12:
QB J. Plummer (Den - QB)
WR T. Owens (Phi - WR)
WR B. Stokley (Ind - WR)
WR D. Bennett (Ten - WR)
RB W. McGahee (Buf - RB)
RB B. Westbrook (Phi - RB)
TE J. Wiggins (Min - TE)
D Baltimore (Bal - D)
BN D. Graham (NE - TE)
BN B. Roethlisberger (Pit - QB)
BN I. Bruce (StL - WR)
BN W. Dunn (Atl - RB)
BN L. Suggs (Cle - RB)
BN D. Staley (Pit - RB)
With three fantasy weekends before the fantasy playoffs, Three and Out (5-6), Slackers (5-6), the Lucky Bastards (4-6-1), and the Sharks (4-7) are all battling for the two remaining playoff spots. This weekend should start the separation of the contenders from the pretenders.


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