Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 9

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Week 9:
Deep Threat 114, Three And Out 52

As expected, my Fantasy Football team got spanked last weekend. As Deep Threat got to enjoy not just the outstanding as usual Peyton Manning, but also surprisingly strong performances from Michael Pittman and Antonio Gates. Meanwhile, I had to endure feeling like a traitor for putting in Ben Roethlisberger against the Eagles while keeping the stronger-performing Jake Plummer on my bench. A horrible week as I dropped to 4-5. The only good news is that the two other 4-4 teams also lost. With five fantasy weekends to go, Three and Out remains fifth in a league that sends four teams to the postseason.

No chance of putting Plummer in this week, since he's on a bye, so I'll stick with Big Ben at QB. While I haven't been too happy with Isaac Bruce this year I'll put him back in this week. My other WR, Darius Watts hasn't been doing all that much either and he's on a bye anyway. The only other roster change will be at TE. For some reason New England is not using Daniel Graham (damn you Corey Dillon!) so I'm going back to Jermaine Wiggins. Yesterday I picked up Duce Staley off waivers and finally gave up on Michael Vick. I'll keep Duce on the bench until he's playing at 100% but I can see him replacing Brian Westbrook pretty soon. I'm now carrying 5 RBs and 2 quality QBs. What I really need are strong WRs.

My opponent this week is the Woolwich Eagles, who have been making a mid-season push for the playoffs. They've made a lot of free agent pickups, but still don't have much beyond Tiki Barber and a now-injured Byron Leftwich. I feel pretty good this week.


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