Gone Cheney?

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While I don't doubt that Dick Cheney was really sick the other day (he's looked a little sick to me all along), I think the plan for the GOP is for him to step down before the next term starts. I can't believe that this is an original political thought, but I haven't seen this discussed anywhere else (granted I stay away from political shows these days).

Let's face it, his health would be a valid reason for stepping down. I would have sworn the GOP was going to use it as an excuse to drop him before the last campaign started (for fear that Haliburton would blow up on them), but I think they knew that people voted for Bush because he had Cheney to do his thinking for him. Bush's personality only takes him so far. And changing VP candidates would go against the GOP's CHANGE = WUSS tactic (although they often change their mind, but that's a whole 'nother post).

Anyway, in the RNC's mind Cheney's taking up valuable real estate. The VP spot offers a political upstart national name recognition and use of the term "our administration" while campaigning for president. Cheney's not running in four years, and the RNC surely doesn't want a catfight in the primaries like the DNC had, so why not crown their candidate now? Have Dick step down now citing "health reasons," which sounds better than the usual "spend more time with the family" that most politicians use when forced out, and start getting to work on 2008.

So, who would replace him? Anyone Bush picks would have to be approved by the House, but that shouldn't be a problem. The Dem's would look bad if they held up the important post of VPOTUS, especially seeing what a chowderhead the POTUS is. I don't know if the RNC would be happy with someone from the radical right like Santorum. No matter what they say, I think the RNC knows that the country isn't really moving to the right. That's why they had closet liberals Ah-nold and Giuliani speak at the GOP convention. I don't know if the RNC would be happy with Giuliani, though. They can't slam the Northeast liberals with him leading their ticket. As much as Schwarzenegger wants to be the Prez-i-nator, there's no way the wingers are going to let some foreigner become president. And they're too busy coming up with other important ways to destroy our constitution anyway. I think they have to go with a moderate from a red state who already has some success.

That's why I think Bush may keep it in the family. I think Dubba will try getting Jeb as his replacement VP. He'll say that right now, after Dick's (not so) surprising decision to step down, he needs a man he knows. And he doesn't know anyone better than his brother. And the House of Bush would continue its evil reign.

Just my thoughts. But you heard them here first.

Update: Now that I think about it, Tom Ridge would work too. We all know Pennsylvania minus Philadelphia equals Red State. Ridge could bring PA to the GOP.


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the idea of Cheney stepping down really appealed to me til you had to go and mention Jeb Bush. I'd rather see Barbara Bush, Sr. in there.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Mark said...

I like the Barbara Sr. part, adds to that whole "she's a man, baby" aura.


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