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Today is a big day at our house. Tonight at 9:00 the Amazing Race returns.

While the missus, my 7-year-old son, and I only really started watching this show last season, it's quickly become a favorite. It’s cool that we can include our son in this almost-completely-swear-free show. That's not a common reality show trait, but neither are non-stop action and a lack of whining, both of which AR offers. I truly think that the superior AR has soured me on ever watching the whiny Survivor again (unless, of course, they have another All-Star version, I'm a sucker for those).

The only bad thing about AR’s ratings success last season is that it won’t be repeated on Saturdays at 8:00 anymore. That means that we’ll have tape it so my son can catch it.

I tried coming up with some pre-show favorites, just from the CBS bios. Here are the couples I have to choose from:
The Formerly-Dating Couple, both of them personal trainers.
The High School Buddies, Brooklyn-born, now-bicoastal.
The Old Couple.
The Engaged Models.
The Dating Actors (although really it’s just another couple of dating models).
The Father-Daughter Team, him a former CIA agent, her a special-ed teacher.
The Married Entrepreneurs who fight all the time.
The Long Distance Dating Couple. She’s a former go-go dancer who’s now studying Geography, my kind of dame.
The Mormon Sisters. One is a single mom; the other is a former striptease aerobics instructor who is returning to college after the Race. I’ll hold judgment until I find out whether or not her major is Geography.
The Married Professional Wrestlers. I don’t like them already.
The Roommates and Best Friends. From NYC.
I’m leaning towards either the Roommates or the Father-Daughter Team (pictured above) before tonight’s show. I have a better grasp on who I think I won’t like: the High School Buddies (Mets fans), the Old Couple (why get attached to them? Chances are: a. they’re extremely nice and b. they’ll be gone once the stupid people are eliminated), the Dating Models/Actors (if they’re anything like last season’s models), and the ‘Rasslers.

Of course, all of that could change after I watch the first episode. Well, everything but the part about the ‘Rasslers. I’m pretty sure of that one.


At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Race rocks. It's the best reality show on TV -- I can't wait for tonight.

--Tom/Shallow Center

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now that you saw the show who do you like and dislike. I really don't like Rebecca and her ex and also Jon and Victoria. I'm like the grandparents probally because I like the underdog. I miss the first half because I also watch The Biggest Loser. It's not as bad as it sounds. The people have to lose weigh and they have to do it by what they eat and exercising and resisting temptations. I got into it when I had friends from work over the first night.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Ack! Don't say anymore, I haven't watched it yet. After staying up late for Mornday Night Football and coming into work Tuesday with a hangover, I figured I needed some sleep. If I tried to watch a little of it I would have stayed up for all of it. It's on tape and We'll watch it tonight.

I will say rooting for the old couple is just setting yourself up for disapointment.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Mark said...

"Mornday Night Football" was obviously a typo, but it wouldn't be a bad name for it, seeing how it gets over on Tuesday Morning here on the East Coust.


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