Catholic Protection Limits

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Just to further cheese-off all those touchy Christian Conservatives out there who believed that their religion was being persecuted by the cashier at Macy's who wished customers a "Happy Holiday" instead of the "Merry Christmas" that our great country was founded on (or something like that), I vow to not wish anyone a "Happy New Year" this weekend.

To be sensitive to the many other faiths and cultures that do not mark their new year on January 1 (like the really old-school Christians, who celebrated it around March 25th until 1582), I will offer, "Have a Good One" to my fellow Christians and everyone else this weekend.

Boy, I can't wait for February, when the red-staters start up their whole "Put the Saint back in St. Valentine's Day" campaign.

Have a Good One.

Tomorrow: My New's Year's Goal(s).

[Note: The above picture was taken on my ill-fated photo shooting-spree of the Ben Franklin Bridge in November. From what I can find on the subject, cathodic protection is a system for protecting against rust. As you can see from the picture, it's working real well on the bridge.]


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Donna said...

I read that at least 4 times before realizing that the sign did not say "Catholic Protection Limits". Cause you know what they call people who stay within Catholic Protection Limits, don't ya? Yep, Mommy and Daddy :). Or for unmarried people staying within those limits, rust probably would be the end result.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Having a couple kids around can make you rusty, too.

Or am I getting too close to that thing I'm not supposed to write about?


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