Fantastic Planet of Football - Week 15

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Week 15:
Speed Merchants 64, Three And Out 41

To quote Fred Willard in A Mighty Wind: "Wha' Happened?" My Fantasy Football team was coasting along for the last three weeks on cruise control, with me only having to make one roster move. Then last weekend it fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road a slammed into a tree (how about a grisly little metaphor for your holiday weekend travels?). Both Terrell Owens and Willis McGahee go down with injuries. Brandon Stokley and Jermaine Wiggins combine for 1 measly fantasy point. Brian Westbrook gets the Eagles to the red zone and Andy Reid lets Dorsey Levens take it in for the big fantasy payoff. Putting Ben Roethlisberger in for Jake Plummer didn't change anything; both had a lackluster eight fantasy points. Even the Baltimore defense let me down. All of this resulted in a first round 64-41 loss to the same Speed Merchants team I beat last week.

All I have now is the runner-up game against The Lucky Bastards, who lost to Deep Threat last weekend. Since it's the last game, and since two of my players are out, I'm making big moves. T.O. and McGahee are out, replaced by Joey Galloway and Levens. Since my regular QBs are both playing tough defenses, I dropped Plummer and picked up Drew Bledsoe, who will start.

God help me, I hope that's enough to salvage third place.


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