Photo Friday Holiday Hiatus

According to their website, there will be no Photo Friday challenge tomorrow. But there is a Thursday Challenge from Thursday Theme for today. While I don’t post my Thursday Theme photos on The Accidental Blogist like I do for Photo Friday, I have been participating each week. Today’s theme is “Vehicle” and my entry is posted on my photo blog, Ipso Photo, as my Daily Photo.

While Photo Friday seems to have more prestige and many more entries (almost 250 so far for last Friday’s “Tacky”), one thing about the Thursday Theme site I like is that they tell you a week in advance what the next theme will be. I think this results in better pictures from me since I get seven days to contemplate and take the photo. Photo Friday announces their theme on the day it’s posted, and I’m sure many people go with a photo they already have in their files. In fact many people seem to post soon after the new theme goes up, which makes me wonder how much thought goes into their selection.

Don’t get me wrong, both sites are great and are full of fantastic shots. I just wish that Photo Friday would give us a little more warning.


At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you on that. i'd love a solid week to either shoot something new or go through my photos to find something appropriate.



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