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What goes better after a post about chili than a post about beer?

Those of you who pay attention to my sidebar items may have noticed that “Drinking…” almost always contains Yuengling Traditional Lager. As much as I love to try different microbrews, I can’t afford to exclusively drink the stuff. Craft brews start at about ten bucks for a six-pack and go up from there.

So when I’m running low on beer I run out to Maple Shade BJ’s and pick up a case of Yuengling for about thirteen bucks. Then I’ll stop at the liquor store every once in a while to try a six of something that sounds interesting. I typically keep a six of Yuengling and a six of a microbrew in my fridge, with the rest of the Yuengling staying cool in my basement. The great thing is that I actually like the Yuengling a lot, so it’s not like I’m really sacrificing anything. The rest of the family does sacrifice a lot of fridge space letting me get away with this system.

But sometimes I am caught with no beer in the house and I don’t feel like making a trip all the way out to Maple Shade (Deptford BJ’s - much closer to our house - doesn’t sell liquor). On these rare occasions I get to pick up two sixes from the liquor store. Last week I picked up Flying Fish OktoberFish and Yuengling Premium Beer (not my usual Traditional Lager).

I wanted to get the OctoberFish because it was the first year Flying Fish was offering it in bottles, but only on a very limited run. I’m not really into Oktoberfest brews but I like Flying Fish’s other limited run brews, Farmhouse Summer Ale and Belgian Grand Cru Winter Ale, so I gave it a try. Unfortunately I found it to be very ordinary. I was really hoping for something special that would justify the hype that Flying Fish gave it. It’s a good beer, like all their beers, just nothing special. I still like their ESB Ale best.

I’ve wanted to try Yuengling Premium ever since I found out that it’s the little secret that Pennsylvania drinkers keep to themselves while the rest of us rubes drink that Traditional Lager swill. Apparently the Premium is has a much smaller distribution area than the Traditional Lager, but Oaklyn Liquors had it and I picked up a six. The Premium seems to be Yuengling’s answer to the big brewers everyday beer. But there’s a reason I don’t drink that stuff (other than the fact that I’m a pompous jerk): I don’t like it. Don’t try to copy Budwieser and Miller, try to best them. Until then, I’ll stick with my Traditional Lager.

So there you have it, two disappointing brews. Not bad, but nothing special. Keep in mind that I won’t go into color and texture and “mouthfeel.” I just know what I like. If you want more technical reviews, I suggest checking out RealBeer.com.


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