Waiting for October

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"Waiting for October, I cross my fingers, cross my heart, hope to die"
- Polaris, “Waiting for October” Music from the Adventures of Pete and Pete

Cardinals vs. Astros: Predicted Cards in 5 - Right! Cards in 7
Red Sox vs. Yankees: Predicted Red Sox in 6 - Right! Red Sox in 7

As Harry Caray would say, Holy Cow! It didn’t look good there for a bit but, in the end, both of my league series predictions were right. Add that to my divisional series record (3-1) and so far I am 5-1. Not too bad. Makes you want to see my World Series prediction doesn’t it. No? Oh. Well tough, here it is:

Red Sox vs. Cardinals: Since both teams have proven their offensive power equally, I think it’s all going to come down to pitching. Boston has more of it and they’ll be better rested. This assumes that Curt Schilling is able to go out for two more starts before his foot falls off. It also assumes that Pedro Martinez’s recent atypically poor pitching was caused by the Yankees getting into his head. The St. Louis starters have been playing beyond expectations all year, and without rest will not be able to keep it up against Boston.

Want to Win: Red Sox
Will Win: Red Sox in 6.

And speaking of added rest, if the World Series is going to be anything like the League Series I better get a nap today. It may be my last chance for decent sleep.


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